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Rev. Rebecca Hinds, Developmental Minister

Photo of Rev. Rebecca Hinds

Rev. Rebecca Hinds

Office hours at Peoples:
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Or by appointment.

You can also talk to the Reverend Hinds on Sundays or send her a message.

About the Rev. Hinds

Hello! I am a native Midwesterner, originally from Duluth, MN, and a lifelong Unitarian Universalist. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and my Masters of Divinity Degree from Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, Massachusetts. I am deeply rooted in our UU tradition and radically open to the future of our faith.

I love to discuss religion, theology, and books of all kinds. I love music, singing, cooking, baking and the outdoors (especially the Great Northwoods!). My wife, Casey, and I are new to the area and very much looking forward to getting to know the Cedar Rapids Community. Please call or come visit anytime - my door is always open!

David Wise, Acting Director of Religious Education

Office Hours:

Thursday:  10-6:00pm

Friday:  10-6:00pm

or by appointment.

About David

Who are you? My name is David Wise. I am the new part-time Acting Director of Religious Education.

Do you have a family?  I have been married to Karen for 28 years and we have raised five children. Three live in the Iowa City Cedar Rapids area, one in southern Georgia, and one in North Dakota. We also have five grandchildren. I have no siblings. Karen has a brother and two sisters.  Karen is also the primary caregiver for her mother who still  lives in the same house in Lisbon where Karen grew up.

How did you get here?  I hold a Master of Divinity degree from St Paul School of Theology in Kansas City. I served United Methodist churches as a pastor for 12 years. I left that Ministry about 11 years ago. Recently, I saw the ad for a part-time DRE and did a lot of research into Peoples and the UUA.  I really appreciate the openness and the liberal stances that are taken by Unitarian Universalism.  I decided to apply, felt very comfortable in my interviews and conversations with Rebecca and others, and gladly accepted the offer.  

What are your hopes for the religious education program?  To provide the highest quality education that we possibly can. I bring a strong background in Ministry and I believe deeply that education is an important component of a congregation.  Everything that is done, whether it be a lesson, craft, activity, or music, needs to be done the very best that we possibly can do.

What do you enjoy when you are not working?  I enjoy reading, watching a little TV, and playing board and word games like Quiddler, Five Second Rule, trivia and such.  I also love college sports. I grew up in Florida and still love and strongly support the University of Florida Gators. I occasionally get the opportunity to travel and watch the Gators. I've been very fortunate to watch Gator teams win three of our most recent national championships.

What is your favorite food?  Steak!  I also like pizza, good burgers,  fresh cut fries, strawberries, good banana pudding, breakfast and Italian!  I don’t like onions, peppers, or spicy things.

Do you have pets?  We have one cat, Velvet, that we adopted in January.  He is inquisitive and loves chasing flying things!

Do you prefer David or Dave?  I prefer David.

What is your favorite drink?  Diet Coke, Evian water, Florida’s natural orange juice and true sweet tea!

Are you usually early or late? Early

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? The ocean.  I grew up near the Atlantic and it is fascinating and relaxing to sit and watch the waves as they crash into the shore.

Where is the place you least like to go?  Las Vegas.  I go there on business but do not care for the place.

What are you addicted to?  Gator sports!  Each year the Gators are usually the best overall public school athletic program in the country.  I love watching and following all of our teams. 

What else should Peoples people know about you?  Religious education is very important to me.  I want the program here at Peoples to be the very best that it can be while I am here and I want to help prepare it for long term success!

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Cathy Fischer, Operations Coordinator

Office Hours:

Tuesday, 8:30-2:30
Wednesday, 9:00-2:00
Thursday, 8:30-2:30
Friday, 9:00-11:00

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About Cathy

Cathy has a passion for project management, organization and time management. She comes to us after a 9-year career at Transamerica where she has worked in financial reporting, management and project management.  Cathy obtained her B.S. from Iowa State University in 2006 and has been working towards her MBA at the University of Iowa.

Cathy is busy mother to four boys. After the twins were born, she decided to find a career that would allow her to have more time at home with her children. She is delighted to have found that partnership with Peoples Church!  She is a lover of cats and has two littermates named Abbott and Costello after her love for the classic movie duo. 

Cathy actually studied Horticulture in college, and while she never put that degree to use professionally she has a love for gardening as well as a growing collection of garden gnomes!  She and her family recently moved to Robins and looks forward to designing the garden at her new house.  She is participates in the Robins Civic Club and has chaired the Kid Carnival at the Robins Round Up.