From the President, April 2017

From the President, April 2017

Spring is here again! It’s a time of new beginnings, but also a time to reflect as our May Congregational Meeting approaches. We’re gearing up to compile the Peoples Church Annual Report, an opportunity for us all to think about what we’ve been doing as a church.

The Board of Trustees began reflecting at our Developmental Ministry Strategy Meeting on March 12. We asked ourselves, what progress have we made on our Developmental Ministry? What have we accomplished this year?

The answer: lots of things, but many that could be hard to recognize because they’re ground work.

Scott Gay suggested an analogy. He told us to think about building a house. At the very beginning, it’s just an idea, not a house. Before it can become a house, it needs people to begin planning. There are blueprints to draw and building materials to find, land to buy and workers to hire.

Even then it’s still not a house yet. Next the builders have to prepare the site, lay the foundation, and construct the frame.

That’s the process we started during the first year of our Developmental Ministry. We welcomed our new minister and helped her get to know our congregation. We hosted our Startup Event in November and learned we need to renew our mission. We formed a Church Mission Team that has begun planning the process and activities for that effort.

In a way, Peoples Church is building a new house. We’re working to build a new faith community that will be stronger, more stable, and healthier. One that is better able to support and nurture its members as we work to grow our spirits and create a better world.

That takes time and planning and effort. So let’s take a moment to reflect on the plans and how they will help shape the house we’re building. Together.