2018 Pledge Campaign Update

2018 Pledge Campaign Update

Based on the successes of last year’s pledge campaign and your positive feedback we will soon start our 2018 RENEW OUR MISSION campaign!

This year’s campaign will follow many of the “somewhat unconventional” principles that produced successes last year:

  1. A large part of what we consider a successful campaign will rest on reaching every member and friend of Peoples’ Church and seeking their feedback.
  2. We will start the campaign early (July 1) and complete it early (September 30).
  3. The campaign will again include an early “No Hassle” portion (July 1 – Aug 31) where you can complete the pledging process via US mail, email, or at a staffed pledge table on Sundays. This will be followed by a shorter “conventional portion” of the pledge campaign (Sept 1 – Sept 30) where you will be contacted and encouraged to complete the pledge process, if you have not yet done so.
  4. Throughout the entire campaign, you are encouraged to ask questions and offer any suggestions you might have. We will do our best to provide answers directly or pass the comments on to those who have the answers. You can expect a response!
  5. We will again provide frequent feedback on campaign status as we together work through the entire process.

Last year’s campaign was an attempt to make the pledging process easier, more casual, more timely and more fun for the congregation, for the stewardship volunteers, for the Finance Committee, and for the Board of Trustees. With some minor tweaks to the campaign, we expect this year’s campaign to build on the positive results that were achieved last year – we will again challenge ourselves as a congregation, but together we are up for the challenge!

Thank you for all you do to support Peoples Church as we “Renew Our Mission!

2018 Stewardship Planning Group
Bob Butikofer, Charles Cizio, Bryan Davis, Sue Davis, Judy Price, Rev. Rebecca Hinds