Summary of the Board of Trustees meeting on February 28, 2018

–Treasurer Gary McGraw reported that January ended with a net positive income. Early full pledge payments set us up well for large expenses such as our annual insurance premium. He plans to invest some of our cash reserves into CDs soon to increase their earnings.

–We met with Laura Park of Unity Consulting online, to talk about the board’s work on Governance, one of our church’s Developmental Ministry goals. With our new mission identified, the board will begin to define relationships and responsibilities between church groups by creating policies that will help us fulfill the purpose of the church.

Ms. Park helped us begin to identify our governing philosophy, explained the four governance categories (buckets) that will help us structure our policies and governance, and gave us an overview of the questions the policies in each bucket should answer. The board will continue our work by beginning to answer these questions.

Bucket 1: Values, Purpose, and Ends. What difference do we make in whose lives, at what priority, and what are the ends we seek?

Bucket 2: Governance Process Policies. What are the commitments of the board to each other, the congregation, staff, and the operations of the church?

Bucket 3: Operational Policies. How do the minister and church groups work to achieve our congregational ends, and what are the limitations they need to understand and operate within?

Bucket 4: Board/Minister Relationship Policies. How does the board oversee the operations of the church and evaluate whether our congregational ends are being achieved?