Sunday Services

July 14: What is Wild?

When we think of things that grow in nature and are outdoors, we label them as “wild.” We call animals in their natural habitat as wild and grass not being altered by humans as wild. So is Earth-based spirituality – worshiping nature – wild? How do we determine what is wild and whether wild is […]
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June 23: Beauty

What is Beauty? We are so culturally inebriated to understand what beauty is. I will explore how we as a society consider beauty. What role does it have in our lives? What are the different ways to consider beauty? Service led by Rev. Jay Wolin with music provided by Scott Mansfield
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June 30: All is Grace

Brennan Manning wrote that “if I’ve learned anything about the world of grace, it’s that failure is always a chance for a do-over.” In this service, we will explore what grace means to our active faith, how compassion can fuel our work, and the strength that is found in community. Service led by Andrea
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