Sunday Services

June 17: Gems & Geodes

Like a geode, plain on the outside but filled with magnificent, sparkly crystals, each one of us contains our own unique inner beauty. Can you see it? Can we learn to see it in one another? Can we break open our tough exteriors and delight in our own wild magnificence? Service led by Rev. Rebecca.
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May 20: Growing Our Faith

On this Religious Education Sunday we will honor our young people, thank our RE teachers, and graduate this year’s 4-6 grade OWL class. As we appreciate and nurture the children and youth growing among us, we will reflect on the changes of youth, the growing pains that come up, and the spiritual process of growing
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April 1: The Message Remains

When Jesus was crucified they tried to kill love and liberation, but they couldn’t do it. When Dr. King was killed exactly 50 years ago next Wednesday, April 4, the same thing happened. Come hear a message of everlasting love and a call to life and liberation! An Easter Egg Hunt for the children will follow
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