Sunday Services

April 14: The Whole World

The whole human race, including YOU, is responsible for making the world whole. But how? Through the Jewish story of Tikkun Olam (which means repairing the world), we will explore this concept and our own role in the story. Service led by Rev. Rebecca with music provided by Mike Maas and Tim Faurot.
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April 21: This Whole Earth

On this Easter Sunday we are taking a field trip to the Indian Creek Nature Center (5300 Otis Road SE in Cedar Rapids). We will worship outside, celebrate spring, and rejoice in the resurrection of the earth and all things. Join us as we “Consider the Lilies” and celebrate the interconnected nature and cycle of
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March 24: Crisis or Calling?

We’ve all heard about the midlife crisis. And now there is the quarter-life crisis and the three-quarter life crisis! Why is the aging process always seen as a crisis? Let’s see if we can shift our perspective and learn to experience each unique phase of life as part of a spiritual journey. Service by Rev. […]
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