Youth Program Details

Faith Formation classes are held on Sundays beginning at 9:45 from September through May and occasionally during the summer.

When You Arrive

All youth classrooms are on the lower level. If this is your first visit, ask to see our Director of Faith Formation, who will happy to show you around and get your children registered to attend classes.


Peoples Church follows UUA recommendations for Safe Congregations. We expect our children and youth to be safe and supervised at all times. All classroom lessons are provided by Peoples staff and all classes are taught by background checked and trained volunteer teachers. For the safety and protection of all parties, no volunteers have been involved with the church for fewer than 6 months, and no adults are ever left 1 on 1 with youth.


Visitors are welcome. We ask that you register your children so we can add you and your children to our database and keep permission forms and records up-to-date. All families must re-register each year. No Fees are required, but donations are always welcome.


Regular attendance is vital to achieve the greatest benefit in the Faith Formation Program. Regular attendance enables children to feel comfortable with their teachers and the other children in their classes, to experience the continuity of their curricula, and to feel a part of the community.


Casual! Because we know children learn and grow by doing, we encourage children to dress comfortably and in clothes that can get dirty. We paint, work with clay, and sometimes go outside. Children should bring jackets and coats to the classroom so that they are easily accessible.


Children covenant (make a moral contract) with their teachers at the beginning of the church year to reflect kindness, respect, and acceptance for all people, and to respect our church environment. Classes establish their own classroom covenants at the beginning of the year. Adult volunteers and the Director of Faith Formation work with parents to address all children's needs and to resolve any behavior conflicts.

Adult Participation

Ours is a co-operative religious education program. The program depends on the involvement of parents and other adults. Each family is asked to volunteer in the Faith Formation Program. We also heartily welcome the volunteer skills of all members of the congregation. We encourage you to share your special skills and interests with our youth.