Wise Words Faith Formation Update, February 2019

Wise Words Faith Formation Update, February 2019

The Faith Formation program has subscribed to a new product from Soul Matters (the same organization we use for worship resources). It follows the worship theme for the month and helps you go a little more in-depth with stories and songs to share at home, all of which are hyperlinked in the packet. It will be sent to everyone in the congregation on or before the 1st of each month. You may use it is as you see fit.

This packet is written for families. As we all know, families come in all shapes, forms, combinations, and groups! If you are the only one in your home you can contemplate the questions on your own or get together a small group of friends and discuss them together. They make for great discussion starters for couples or parents and children. We have enjoyed using Soul Matters these last few months in worship and I anticipate the congregation will find this packet just as valuable!

Each packet broken into the following categories:

The Welcome Mat provides a brief introduction to the theme and how it relates to family life.

At the Table engages the theme through discussion. Questions are designed for a family gathering, perhaps in the sitting room when everyone is together or during a meal. This section strengthens the bonds within a family as members learn more about each other by asking and answering questions.

Around the Neighborhood engages families with their surroundings through the lens of the theme. Throughout the month, we ask families to keep their eyes open for what might seem like everyday sightings but which can be perceived in new ways through the monthly theme. Trips to the grocery store, walks, and drives make for excellent spaces to conduct these treasure hunts.

At Play activities and questions are a way to joyfully, playfully and imaginatively experience the monthly themes. We offer a brief framework for parents to use to introduce the activity and another to then help one’s family reflect upon it, so that the insights learned in play can stay with us throughout the month and beyond.

On the Message Board lifts up a theme-related mantra for your family to carry with them throughout the month. Think of them as tools for the journey that help re-focus and steady us as we navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

At the Bedside engages the theme through storytelling. This takes place during the dreamy, almost otherworldly hour or so before children or youth drift off to sleep. Through stories and the questions and realizations that they prompt, we come to understand the nature of our world and our unique place in it.

At the Kitchen Sink suggests ways for parents to connect with their co-parents, close circle of supporters or both. Perhaps this happens as the dinner dishes are washed and dried or with friends over a cup of tea or coffee.

The Extra Mile invites families to explore the monthly theme through larger adventures and more complex projects.

Let me know how you use this new resource! We are one of the first congregations to use the product!

On a personal note many have asked about Karen. We truly appreciate your care and concern!! We met with the Oncology Surgeon and Radiation Oncologist yesterday. They are recommending about 6 weeks of radiation therapy to help ensure that the cancer is gone. The cancer was contained in what they removed and they want to give her the best chances for long term.