From the President, August 2018

From the President, August 2018

There are occasions when I realize I’m acting like a total hypocrite.

I urge my clients to do the tough, uncomfortable work necessary to grow their businesses, but I back away from activities that would grow mine. I complain about “idiot drivers” who blow through red lights, then, when my light turns amber, accelerate rather than slow down. I shake my head over my sister’s unwillingness to exercise, yet I find excuses to blow off my yoga routine.

You get the idea.

The only “good” news in this is that I’m confident I have a lot of company. With one thing and another, many people find it a challenge to live out the values and principles they say are important to them.

The Peoples Church Covenant of Right Relations lists five key elements we’ve agreed are important to our being a truly loving and beloved community. The first of those elements is “practice our Unitarian Universalist principles in our everyday living.”
My challenge to myself – and to you – over this next week is to choose one of our seven principles each day and look for evidence of how clearly we demonstrate our commitment to that principle through our behaviors.

The goal is not to beat up on ourselves (especially challenging for us recovering Catholics, I suspect). The goal is to create awareness of just how well we’re talking the talk and walking the walk.

Will you join me in the challenge?