From the President, August 2019

From the President, August 2019

Even as I write, I’m at school typing this two months before our beloved sesquicentennial celebration, and yes I had to look that word up to spell it correctly.

You might think that as a teacher I would have the summer off and be relaxing next to a pool, evening out my tan and cool drink in my hand. Not quite. Like many others in our church, there is work to do for September. I can’t fully thank all the people involved in planning the party, sprucing up the church, and coming to terms with financing all the things we want to do. But thanks.

I hope everyone can participate in some way in the 150th year of our church’s existence and beyond. I find it inspirational that only 50 years ago we walked on the surface of the moon, and now everyone just assumes it was inevitable. It took a force of will, a lot of math and science and perhaps some amount of luck that it all went right.

I see PCUU as poised to take our church to the next level. I find momentum in our actions, compassion in our members, and an ache for an-other 150 years of spiritual growth in our world. Please come rekindle the flame this fall.

In Peace,
Mike Meshak