From the President, February 2020

From the President, February 2020

Wow, is winter always this long? It seems like all I do is get up, go to school, come home and before I know it, it is time to go to sleep. So when the weekend arrives I am ready to relax, or do what I want to get done.

Going to church is actually relaxing, and I get to meet people who inspire me. I appreciate the work of those who run the services, take care of our finances and a host of other things. I guess we are all like that.

We all have a niche that we fill, maybe unbeknownst to many others. But someone has to do it. Oh yeah, I’m on the Board of Trustees also. That work is fulfilling and has expanded my knowledge of the bigger operation in our church. And I get to work with amazing people!

Seriously, if you have the desire, find a niche in the church. Make it your own. Grow the position and grow yourself. It beats watching TV most nights (especially of late).

Stay warm,

Mike Meshak, PCUU Board President