From the President, January 2020

From the President, January 2020

With a new year comes the possibility for change. Just the changing of the calendar can make me evaluate where I would like to be next year. But saying so is not enough, action is required.

Peoples Church has had a bunch of milestones reached in 2019. Many of them were directly because of our Sesquicentennial, but not all. I know we are better financially than we have been for several years. Our facilities are slowly improving, and many programs are strong within the church.

But one area of focus for me personally is our membership. I would love to see us grow by 10-20 new members this year. We have a lot to offer the Cedar Rapids area in terms of a liberal religious community. Our values are broad based and we are an accepting congregation.

What am I missing? What else can we boast about? Let’s converse about all that we offer or could offer to others, and to ourselves. It may require some change, and that is the point.

The issues we see in the news will require us to evolve and rise to the challenges of this decade. Let’s make PCUU better known in our world.

Mike Meshak,
PCUU Board President