From the President, January 2021

From the President, January 2021

Nurturing the Flame: Imagination

Imagination coupled with action yields growth. Growth in our stated values, mission, and ends. In community engagement. In our spirit as Loving,
committed people. For 151 years, Peoples Church has embraced imagination. Members have visioned then dug in to accomplish our purposes.

Endowment: through financial ups and downs Peoples has endured. Then, with gifts small and large far-sighted members established an endowment which has yielded financial stability. This places Peoples in a strong position to live our mission, “leading compassionate lives through spiritual growth and just action.”

Facility: Peoples envisioned a facility that offered needed 21st Century amenities. One that is accessible, has fewer structural challenges, is free from mold, and accommodates technology. What is wonderful, is that Peoples cared for not only the future but also honored the past. We brought with us and repurposed significant artifacts from the beloved downtown building. After several years, we have re-furbished our Gordon Ave NW space and truly made it our own. We continue forward thinking planning for a more energy efficient building. Savings we can use for programming.

Pandemic: The novel coronavirus turned the world upside down. In response, Peoples staff and members turned on a dime embracing technology to check in, provide engaging services and programs, and engaged good old-fashioned communications: notes, phone calls, gift baskets, and in-person outside gatherings after the derecho and for Blue Christmas. Creativity continues to blossom with programming to help us through the winter.

Outreach: Peoples has always been community minded. United Nations activism. Support during the Indian Trials of the 1970s. Today’s emphasis on Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, economic equality, and sustainability all demonstrate how we form an idea into action.

Inclusion: We partner with other congregations in programming, and providing space for services and gardening. Helping to support the wider community.

Policy Governance and Developmental Ministry: Fortunately, we are more organized and clearer about roles than the famous Abbot and Costello comedy, Who’s On First? That is thanks to the visioning and groundwork laid over four years by members, board, minister and staff. We all have benefited from this diligent work by asking questions, honoring our different roles, referring to policy governance, and using the Covenant of Right Relations with each other.

In short, our imagination over decades coupled with work, has yielded success. As we move into 2021 may we continue to embrace our imagination, pair with action, acknowledge our sense of loss, and rejoice in our resiliency.

We, Peoples people, are in a good place.

May it be so. M~