From the President, July 2020

From the President, July 2020

Our theme for July is Hope. Like the word “wish”, hope can be an odd thing to consider. The way it is often used it is wishy-washy. Yet, it is not. The dictionary defines it as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Expectation and Desire are the key words.

When we expect something to happen, we work towards it. When we desire something, we look for opportunities to help manifest our desires.

I hope you will continue to watch the Lighting the Leadership Chalice Videos. This week numbers three, Governance leadership, and four, Indicators of Effective Governance.

  • What is fiduciary responsibility?
  • What is the “balcony view?”
  • How do we make visions happen?
  • How does partnership help with decisions?
  • What role do congregants have in all this?
  • When mistakes happen how do we get back on the path?

A simple click is all it takes. Then, share with folks who may not have internet access. Let’s bring everyone along on this journey of Policy Governance.

Our desire as a congregation is to positively impact our corner of the world. We do this through Hope as we Nurture the Flame and Grow into our true selves.


Marion Patterson
Board President