From the President, May 2018

From the President, May 2018

Leading Lives Together

At our Annual Meeting each May, we come together to vote in a new board of trustees and a new nominating committee. This year, we’ll hold these votes on Sunday, May 20th @ 12:30-ish after we all enjoy food and fellowship at a good old-fashioned potluck.

It’s easy to take this leadership transition for granted if you’re not directly involved in the nominating process or the board itself. But all Peoples people should use this annual ritual to reflect on the nature of leadership in our faith community.

Why? Because we rely on our leaders to help make our church happen. If we’re to build the vibrant, welcoming, and supportive faith community we seek, we must all actively participate in and support that leadership.

Leadership at Peoples Church is vested formally in the board of trustees, our staff, and the team (committee) leaders (chairs). But leadership is also vested informally in everyone who helps to shape our faith community through presence, participation, and pledging. So, consider:

  • What does it mean to entrust our organization’s leadership to fellow members?
  • What responsibility do we each have to participate in leadership?
  • Who do you know and trust to be a potential leader?
  • What should we as a community expect of our leaders?
  • How can we help our leaders meet our expectations?

Reflecting individually on these leadership questions is only the first step. We should also talk about them with other Peoples people. Talk about them with current leaders and past leaders and potential future leaders.

Talk about what it means to both participate in leadership, and to help each other grow into leaders within our faith community. Together.