From the President, October 2019

From the President, October 2019

October 13th marks a step forward on our progress to-wards Policy Board Governance. We will be voting on revisions to our church’s by-laws.

Bylaws are the code of rules that spell out how we regulate and govern the internal affairs of People’s Church. Our last revision was in 2015 and there are only a few differences besides rewording.

Many of the differences are because some by-laws can now be placed in Board policies. Our Policy Governance can best be stated as allowing the Board of Trustees to govern at arm’s length from operations, which fall under the Minister’s responsibilities.

The Board encourages members to look at the online 2015 by-laws and compare them to the 2019 proposed by-laws. To aid in this we have created a comparison guide, which lists additions, deletions, renumbering or ways that the older by-laws have been cleaned up. A printed copy may also be obtained at the church office.

We need a quorum of members to be able to vote on this, so please, stay after service, or give your proxy vote to someone you trust to vote for you. This should not take too long; however, we will answer questions both before and during open discussion.

We have already done so much to define our core values, craft a mission statement and our ends statements. We hope to see you there.