From the President, September 2018

From the President, September 2018

Our theme for September services at Peoples is “worship.”

I suspect most of us, whether or not we actually pay homage to any deity, tend to use this word to describe our Sunday services.
But, in a broader sense, worship, or “the formal or ceremonious rendering of…honor and homage” can be applied to whatever we consider important to us on a personal level.

Like, say, the Covenant of Right Relations we committed to a couple of years ago.

What would it look like to honor the Covenant? For example, the second behavior cited in it is that each of us will “do our fair share to make Peoples a strong, safe, welcoming community.”

We can honor this particular agreement in a variety of ways. For example:

  • We find ways to contribute financially to keep Peoples and its programs running. Pledging even $5 or $10 per month helps; this is especially true during this year’s Stewardship campaign, when pledges from people who have previously not pledged will be matched up to $50 each. (Can you say “easy way to double my contribution”?)
  • If we have a problem with someone in the congregation, we talk to that person directly, rather than talk about them to someone else. Conflicts of any type are a great chance to practice disagreeing without being disagreeable. By making this type of communication the norm at Peoples, we’ll address one of our five Developmental Ministry goals, go a long way to preventing hurt feelings, keep molehills from turning into mountains, and enable everyone to feel a lot calmer and more powerful. Such a deal.
  • We actively tackle approach newcomers so they don’t end up standing alone and feeling awkward before or after the service. Even for those of us who are not particularly extroverted, Peoples provides a safe place to step up and talk. And, let’s face it: Any of us who are already members are going to be far more comfortable than anyone who’s visiting. It’s a great chance to earn a newcomer’s Hero Of The Day Award for making that personal connection.

So what will you choose to do this month to honor our Covenant of Right Relations? (If you need a refresher course on it, you’ll find it posted to the right of the doors to the Ely Room.)