From the President, September 2019

From the President, September 2019

With our 150th anniversary approaching for PCUU, we are compiling a list of as many home improvements as we can remember. It shows how much we have done to make this location welcoming, inviting, and of value. We even have a second list of potential projects that will happen eventually. But, as Reverend Rebecca was quick to remind me, this weekend is about a celebration. The work will always be there. Some new task will present itself.

This Sesquicentennial is about reconnecting with each other to marvel at us being together for a century and a half. That is more than any-one’s whole lifetime! Our shared values and commitment to our community speak volumes about who we are and why we enjoy being together.

Honestly, I enjoy coming to services and events because of the people I meet, the smiles I get from Scott and Rose and Dorothy and Jim, …well you get the picture. While I enjoy teaching, I await retirement if it means I can have more time to do church activities.

I look forward to our gala celebration and High Tea be-cause I know 150 years is worth remembering. But every PCUU event with friends is also a joy and I’m so glad Brenda introduced me to the church all those years ago. Please join us in September for our celebration. And thanks to the Sesquicentennial Team for organizing this fiesta.