From the President, September 2020

From the President, September 2020

Nurturing the Flame

Policy Governance and Brushing Out After a Derecho are About the Same
Marion Patterson, Board President

What? Has “Mme Prez” finally succumbed to heat exhaustion and lost her mind? Not exactly.

In living Policy Governance and responding to a crisis we ask: What difference do we want to make? For whom? At what healthy capacity?

Based on my short bandwidth, here is my list, both literal and metaphoric.

Gather Data: Assess and put systems in place. Watch out for live wires and gas leaks. (Covenant of Right Relations, Executive and Operations Roles)

Check in: Call. Text. Email. Write Notes. Climb over brush and check in on neighbors. (Communicate)

Share ideas: None of us is as smart as all of us. Figure out different ways to get things done. (Congregational Values and Mission Statement)

Develop a flexible plan: Life happens! Like the young trees that bent before the winds, be ready to change. (As congregations change, re-visit the Mission periodically)

Empower: Certain people do certain jobs like chain sawing. Stay out of each other’s way and, at the same time, stay in communication. (Sources of Authority and Accountability, Transparency, Operations & Executive)

Protect: Wear protective gear. Help others. Take breaks. (Pause to Consider What is already in place. Board & Ministerial limitations)

Forgive misunderstandings: (Trust Others’ Good Intentions) Pivot when necessary: Switch to a different task and think creatively about next steps. (Create Transformative Experiences)

Show Up and Reach Out: Little offerings make a difference. Water. Food. Gift Card. Listening ear. Donations. Rake. Haul brush. (Support Mission with Time, Talent, Finances)

Create the future: Look beyond the debris to new possibilities.

“Living compassionate lives through spiritual growth and just action.”
We know we have been successful when…

We are there folks! Policy governance is working. This past month’s Post Derecho, especially. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to support our congregation and the community.