Minister’s Moment: April 2017

Minister’s Moment: April 2017

I first realized I was called to ministry at a pretty young age. Twelve to be exact. I spent a good fifteen years resisting this call and fighting it. In my young adulthood I tried a few different “other” careers, I wandered down a few wrong paths, but I could never escape my call.

The day I realized I couldn’t run from it anymore I was on a walk in the woods in Maine. It was March, still wintry and cold. The snow was still piled high. As I walked I couldn’t imagine what answering a call to ministry would mean for my life. It would disrupt everything. I didn’t want to do it. I was confused and a little frantic. I tried to walk it off and return to normal, but this was too big. After awhile I simply fell on my knees, right there in the middle of trail. As I let go, the soft snow-covered earth was there to receive me and hold me up.

I always go to the woods when I need support, when I need to return to myself, or when I have some discernment to do. And The Earth is always there to greet me. “Good to see you,” she says, “I’ve been waiting for you.” Where do you go to be with the Earth? Is there a special place in the wild that reminds you of who you are or that holds you up when you can’t seem to do it yourself anymore? Where do you find life and renewal? How do you celebrate spring and rebirth? And what does the Earth whisper to you when you are still enough to hear her?

This month at Peoples Church we will explore all of these questions. We will witness and celebrate as the Earth rumbles to life and the splendor of springtime bursts forth around us; we will contemplate the cycle of life and death; we will celebrate resurrection and rebirth; and we will honor Easter. For “Lo, the Earth awakes again.” Alleluia!

In faith, Rev. Rebecca