Minister’s Moment, April 2019

Minister’s Moment, April 2019

What are we doing the weekend of September 14-15, 2019, you ask? Why, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Peoples Church of course!

Our sesquicentennial celebration is shaping up to be a meaningful, jam-packed, and fun-filled weekend. We have an open house, guest speakers, a community-wide celebration dinner out at a historic restaurant (I told you we would have a party!), a special Sunday worship service, a High Tea/Coffee sponsored by the Van Vechten Guild, and more already planned! And the WHOLE congregation is invited. We mean it, everyone is invited!

It is a heartwarming thought to imagine everyone that has ever been a part of Peoples Church getting together again. I sincerely hope this is what we will experience in September and I think we have a fairly good chance at it! With your help, we are inviting absolutely everyone we can think of (please don’t forget to email us the names and addresses of anyone you know who should be on the invite list!).

But if, for whatever reason, some people can’t make it to this weekend of events, will we still be a whole congregation? What does it mean to be a whole congregation?

It’s easy to think about wholeness like a puzzle that is only complete when it is perfectly put back together. But if our community were a puzzle, we would be reduced to a snapshot of one moment in time, one static, rigid picture that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to ever restore, and that just feels too limited.

So, as we explore our theme of wholeness this month, let’s see if we can use it as an opportunity to expand our theology of wholeness beyond the puzzle analogy and towards a theology that is more fluid, evolving, and imperfect.

It may be true that the pieces don’t fit together the same way anymore, but we can still honor them, reclaim them, and be whole. We can release old images and expectations and allow things to come together in new, more creative ways which leave room for growth.

So, as we plan for our reunion and then gather in September, remember that a whole community embraces all of the pieces and all of the gaps and cracks. After all, that’s how we let the light in. May it be so.

In faith,
Rev. Rebecca