Minister’s Moment, August 2019

Minister’s Moment, August 2019

After time away for parental leave and study leave, I am thrilled to be back! As you can imagine, these last few months have been full and life changing.

I want to thank you for the generous parental leave you allowed me to take in late May and June in order to be present for the birth of my child, Madeleine (rhymes with win), to care for her (and Casey!) after the birth, and to bond with her as we became a family of three.

And thank you for the lovely Baby Shower on July 23. We are so lucky to be part of such a warm church family!

I also want to thank you for the time you allow me each July for study leave. Study leave is precious time that lets me engage the creative process and spiritual practice, exercise self-care, and prepare for the year ahead. I gratefully rest, research, and recharge in order to be more organized, present and spiritually grounded in my ministry throughout the rest of the church year.

This year I spent my study leave outlining services for the year ahead and reading After the Good News by Nancy McDonald-Ladd, Shameless by Nadia Bolls-Weber, How to Preach a Dangerous Sermon by Frank Thomas (watch out!), White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, and many other wonderful books.

I was particularly drawn to texts about Human Nature this summer. Watching Madeleine slowly become a person right in front of my eyes, I’ve found myself thinking quite a bit about who we are and why. So much so that I am planning a three-part series on Human Nature this month! I hope you will join in the conversation and join us in worship!

I’ve missed you all and I look forward to getting back into our routine. As of July 30, I will be back to my regular full time ministry schedule. I will continue to be in the office on Tues, Weds, and Thurs from 11:30-4:00, with Friday as my sermon writing day. Please drop me a line to catch me up on what you have been up to and let me know if you would like to chat, meet for coffee, or anything else!

In faith,