Minister’s Moment, February 2019

Minister’s Moment, February 2019

“In God We Trust.” The official motto of the United States of America since 1957, this phrase is printed on our currency and has been consistently debated in conversations on the separation of church and state ever since.

But all debate aside, what does this statement mean? What does it mean for an entire country to have trust? And in what? Some might certainly say they have trust in God, but others not so much.

In either case, whether you believe in God or not, in order to function as a society, it seems to me that we need to have some basic level of trust. But this appears to be getting more and more difficult. Our basic level of trust these days is pretty low. In a divided country we are growing far more suspicious of one another than we are trusting.

So, if not in God, what do we have trust in as a nation? As individuals? Is there anything in our society and in our lives which we can trust unconditionally, and which holds us together? Are we are losing it and, if so, can we get it back? Can we learn to trust again?

I can’t answer these questions by myself or for you (or anyone else), so I have asked our Worship Associates for help. I’ve asked them each to consider the phrase “In ______ We Trust,” fill in the blank, and reflect on their answers.

Throughout the month of February, as we explore the topic of Trust, we will hear some of these reflections during worship.
I would invite you to do the same reflection this month. “In ______ We Trust.” How would you fill in this blank? What do you have trust in? If you aren’t sure, what would you need to have trust?

I suspect this will not be an easy exercise. Trust is anything but simple! After all, trust is really hard to build and really easy to lose. No wonder so many of us have a hard time with it! It requires so much of us; and it can vanish in a moment! But we need it to survive.

So please join us this month at Peoples Church as we explore trust, what it requires, and what is required of us to be trustworthy.

In faith,
Rev Rebecca