Minister’s Moment for October 2019

Minister’s Moment for October 2019

Phew! What a wild and wonderful month it was at Peoples Church. Our Sesquicentennial Celebration was a huge success! Old friends, former members, former ministers, current neighbors, community supporters, and so many more joined us for a fabulous weekend of events. It was a real Homecoming celebration!

Not only was it a joy to be together that weekend, but it was a delight to experience such a well-coordinated effort over the last six months. Everyone pitched in and truly did their part to make it happen! Thank you all for helping to create and being part of something so magical.

One thing I kept hearing over and over again all weekend was just how special Peoples Church is to so many people. Nearly everyone I spoke with described it as a spiritual home and a place of true belonging. I love that. Belonging is an amazing feeling and experience. So of course, I want everyone to feel like they belong here at Peoples Church. We all do!

And yet I know that “true belonging is something you give, not just get.” True belonging is a gift that ignites gratitude and generosity. Once you have it, you must always keep it moving forward. It is a gift that has to be shared.

Have you ever shared your Peoples Church belonging? Have you done so lately? If not, would you be willing to try this month? Would you be willing to (gasp!) invite someone to church with you?!

I know it can feel awkward and strange to invite someone to church, but remember that we are a life-affirming, life-saving faith. We have good news to share. We have core values of community, compassion, spirituality, and justice that call us to cast the circle wide. So why keep Peoples Church to yourself?

You can do it; it is not as hard as you think. In fact, as the Soul Matters Team points out, you can do it with just two short sentences: “I think you’d enjoy my church because ________. Want to join me this week?”

The belonging you have found here is a gift too good not to share. So please give it a try and invite a friend to church with you this month! We will be exploring the concept of belonging from many different angles and enjoy simply being together in our beloved community open to all.

In faith,
Rev. Rebecca