Minister’s Moment, June 2017

Minister’s Moment, June 2017

It’s 2027. Peoples Church is thriving and well. Five years ago we achieved all of our Developmental Ministry goals. But we didn’t stop there! We kept the energy up, growing and emerging into a truly vital 21st century community. Here are some 2027 highlights:

  1. We are a vibrant, caring community.
  2. We are deeply bonded and we take care of one another. We are there for one another in good times and bad.
  3. Our hearts are full and our lives are enriched by our membership in this community. We invite others to participate in it.
  4. Our history as a church community is honored and widely known. We cherish our roots, honor our ancestors, and let their wisdom guide us.
  5. Worship is transformative, alive, bold, nurturing and soulful. We can’t wait to participate each week in worship services!
  6. Our sanctuary is beautiful and worshipful.
  7. All of our facilities and grounds are well maintained.
  8. We are a certified “Green Sanctuary” and everything we do is friendly to the Earth.
  9. Our membership has grown to a robust, solid level. We can’t possibly know everyone personally due to our large size, but we all feel welcome and fully seen just the same.
  10. We nurture leadership and share the tasks and responsibilities of guiding our church. We bring new comers and longtime members along on a journey of leadership development towards deeper commitment and joy within the church.
  11. We have more than enough volunteers to get all of the things done and avoid burnout.
  12. We have secure, stable, and sustained financial resources to fully fund our operations. We have a music director, a membership coordinator, a youth programs coordinator, and (maybe!) more.
  13. We offer rich educational programming across the lifespan for all members of our community.
  14. We are a bold voice for social justice in Cedar Rapids and we make a big difference in the community.

How does this sound to you? Is this the vision you have for Peoples Church? What would you add? Is there anything you would take away? Where would you like us to be in 2027? What would you like to see Peoples Church doing or being?

Join us all month long at Peoples Church as we imagine our future. Together we will set the VISION for our congregation and decide where we are going and what specific, measurable difference we would like to make in the next ten years (and for whom). Will you think big with us? I sure hope so!

In faith,
Rev. Rebecca