Minister’s Moment, March 2018

Minister’s Moment, March 2018

What does it mean to live “the good life?” Perhaps it is a little different for everyone but I suspect we all want basically the same things: love, time with family, good food, good friends, a fair society, meaningful work, and a sense of purpose. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But these things don’t just happen to us; we have to create the conditions for them to take root and to thrive. We have to strike the right balance.

Living a balanced life is an ancient ideal found across many cultures and religious traditions. In Ancient Greece, for example, it was described by the word Sophrosyne, which is impossible to translate directly into English but roughly means, “a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one’s true self, resulting in true happiness.”

Balance is about so much more than just managing our daily tasks! It is about finding out who we are, what we need and value, and how to reach inner peace. Balance leads to good character and a life of deep joy. When our lives are out of balance, however, our health and well-being are at great risk.

One concern I have about balance in our modern world relates to the rise of the Smartphone. It seems like everyday I come across another article or study about declining mental health today, particularly in young people, in connection with Smartphone use. Now of course Smartphones and social media are not bad, they are good when used in moderation and balanced with quality in-person interactions, but many people these days are simply spending more time hanging out online in social media spaces and less time hanging out in person. While not inevitable, it is possible for this to throw our social life and mental health out of balance.

We need face-to-face interactions as part of a balanced life. We need friends and adequate social and play time. We need Peoples Church.

Peoples Church offers each one of us a chance to get to know people, make friends, talk about important subjects, and have meaningful social interactions. So if you are looking to live a more balanced life and cultivate true happiness put your phone down and join us in community this month! There is so much going on, read on to discover all the wonderful opportunities to connect and have fun together with other Peoples people!

Yours in faith,
Rev. Rebecca