Minister’s Moment, May 2018

Minister’s Moment, May 2018

Finally the seasons have changed and spring is here! It was a long, slow journey out of winter this year, but as I write now the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the warm air smells of dirt and new life. Everything is changing, and I couldn’t be happier.

Some changes, like the shifting weather in late April and early May, fill us with joy and we meet them with open, grateful hearts. But some changes, like culture change and spiritual change, which require us to face the unknown, fill us with anxiety and fear. Our hearts seize up and stay locked in familiar, comfortable patterns.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with being comfortable and enjoying the familiar! I know I do! If and when I finally manage to find myself in a place of comfort or ease, experiencing a small slice of the good life, I do everything I can to hold onto it. In these times I resist change.

But the comfort doesn’t usually last. Eventually life shifts and I am up against something fresh and different. I am faced once again with the prospect of growing, adapting, and emerging into the present moment.

This is the nature of the universe. It is always changing, always emerging, always in process. Likewise, we are always doing the same. This month at Peoples Church we will explore this phenomenon: the nature of change, our power as change agents, and our astounding ability to shape the future we desire.

We will also celebrate our young people who are approaching big milestones at this time of year. As they prepare to complete another school/church year, graduate from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school, each is facing an exciting transition. We will honor them in worship on May 20th and celebrate all we have accomplished in our Religious Education program this year!

We will also reflect on the culture changes emerging at Peoples Church. To be clear, these changes are not about me or anyone else in particular. When I came to Peoples Church almost two years ago, you all were already open, ready, and willing to evolve and emerge. You were already facing the future with an attitude of abundance and joy, open to change, and prepared to be changed. You, Peoples People, have been leaning into the future, trusting the process, and growing for some time now. Like a brilliant spring day, your future is emerging bright and clear! Let’s work together to shape it.

Rev. Rebecca