Mission Team Update, April 2017

Mission Team Update, April 2017

Peoples Church is renewing our Mission! We all learned back in November at our Developmental Ministry Start Up meeting that a big part of our Developmental Ministry work starts with this process.

And we need everyone involved!

Our Mission Team met on Friday, March 17th to begin planning a road map of how to include everyone’s thoughts and voices in the process of creating a renewed, meaningful mission for Peoples Church together. Here’s what the Mission Team has accomplished so far:

  • Created a schedule with milestone markers from April through December, 2017
  • Gathering internal and external resources to review for use in the process
  • Designing and planning activities to engage and enlighten us for our next decision

In the months to come look for information about community gatherings, activities, moments of introspection and reflection, creativity and analysis. Together, these activities will help us as a congregation to create the mission that best fits who we are as a community here and now, while understanding our shared values and looking to the vision for what we can be.

The first event will be a forum on April 30th. Stay tuned for more details as we go along!