From the President, August 2016

From the President, August 2016

Why does Peoples Church matter to me? (or, My Testimonial)

I grew up in a conservative Christian household, and I absorbed and accepted the implicit message relentlessly reinforced within our culture: There is only one way to be religious, and that way is conservative Christianity. It took me many years to learn that there were more possibilities.

I feel I cannot be the only person who yearns to have a place to be religious without being constrained by a particular understanding of faith. To enjoy a setting where ethics and meaning matter without being shoehorned into a particular way of exploring those ideas. The presence of Peoples people confirms that I am not alone, and I want to make sure people like us have a place where they can experience the same affirming community.

For me, Peoples Church is a way not just to participate in fellowship, but also a way to help fill a great need. I feel it’s vital in this time of increasing religious tension to work to enlarge our cultural religious imagination. I want Peoples to proactively and enthusiastically engage with the wider community, both to invite seekers in, as well as to affirm with our presence that we do exist. That we can make a difference.

To do these things, though, every one of us must support our mission. Our presence in the life of the church, our participation in the work and leadership of the church, and our pledging to the budget of the church – these are what create a vibrant and impactful faith community.

We’re in the midst of the annual pledge drive, a time when we should all be asking ourselves: Why does Peoples matter to me?

What’s your testimonial?

Robyn M-K