Governance: What’s in it for Everyone?

As we begin Year 3 of Developmental Ministry (DM), guided by our new mission, the Board of Trustees will begin a deep dive into governance at Peoples Church.

Our DM goal says we seek to: establish church governance structures and practices that make the best use of church resources.

Why does this matter?
Governance explains how the church as a whole understands authority and describes relationships, both between individual members and between groups.

Governance isn’t just for the board and the committee/team leaders. It’s not just for the minister and our other staff. A flexible governance structure will allow everyone to understand how we work together to support and pursue the church’s mission.

So what does this mean?
As noted above, the board will be working in the coming year to develop and implement a new governance structure for Peoples. This means answering questions about how we as a faith community want to relate to each other, to our staff, and to the wider community.

We’ll need your help to understand, implement, and learn from this work. We’ll need everyone to help clarify the ways in which our relationships express our core values: compassion, spirituality, justice, and community.

So watch for opportunities to help the board with this important work. Ask questions. Offer feedback. Help build the nurturing and vibrant community we seek to become. Together.