From the President, December 2016

From the President, December 2016

[Insert Peoples Church Mission Here]

Our November 18 Developmental Ministry Startup Event was a great success by my measures. Many Peoples people came to share their ideas both about what our church has meant in the past, and what kind of future we’re looking forward to.

Everyone can see notes from those sessions on the wall of the Andre Room. We’ll be using those notes to begin the challenging work ahead of us.

At the Startup Event, we learned one thing immediately: our church needs to renew our mission. We need to identify our faith community’s job in the world. That work will take some time and sharing on everyone’s part.

But not too much time. Our mission will guide everything we do during our Developmental Ministry. That means we’re going to begin working on it, together, beginning in January 2017.

We all need to share our ideas about the mission of Peoples Church. Watch for updates in the weeks ahead about how you can help shape the future of our community. Together.