From the President, January 2018

From the President, January 2018

What’s in a Mission: Applying the Toolkit

We have a new Mission! On December 3, our congregation voted unanimously that our faith community is: Leading compassionate lives through spiritual growth and just action.

That sentence sums up the ideals and values of our church in this moment, but what does it mean in practice? That’s what we will now begin to discern at our February 3rd Mission in Action Congregational Workshop.

Adopting our mission was the first step in the ongoing work of creating the faith community we want to be. Next, understanding and applying our Mission to the work of the church must be a joint effort of the congregation and the leadership.

So make sure you have the Mission in Action Workshop on your calendar: February 3 @ 10 AM – 2PM in the Andre Room on the lower level. We’ll have lunch and fellowship along with the work.

Come participate. Share your ideas. Get to know each other better. Build our church. Together.