From the President, November 2016

From the President, November 2016

Name Our Most Precious Values in 3…2…1…Go!

As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm seven Principles. Can you name them all without looking? (I needed to look.) We hold these Principles up as our ideals, as guides to envision the kinds of communities we strive to build in our churches and the wider world.

But are these Principles enough? Do they express all the values we need to build stronger communities? Values like generosity that leads us to understand rather than judge one another? Values like hospitality that leads us to make room for others in our lives and our spaces?

As we forge ahead in our Developmental Ministry, the Rev. Rebecca recommends we start with our values. Start by asking: What is most precious to us and how can we affirm and promote it in our church community?

Do all our values hold equal weight? If we chose the top three, which would make the cut? Would we choose personal commitment that leads us to actively participate in creating the communities we long for? What about the curiosity to ask questions, education for constant learning, hope, inspiration, joy, or creativity? How would these fit in?

We on the board invite everyone to begin thinking about our church’s values. Think about what our church aspires to be, and how our personal values intersect with those aspirations.

And we encourage you to talk to Peoples people about it, ask others for their opinions and share your own ideas. Uncover your questions and insights and bring them to the Developmental Ministry Startup Event on November 18.

We’ll start the evening at 6:00 PM with a potluck, and then get into the question and answer portion after we’ve all had a chance to eat.

Until then, think about our most precious values and talk about them. Together.

Robyn M-K