From the President, November 2017

From the President, November 2017

Getting Our Mission: Next Steps

The December 3rd congregational meeting vote to adopt our new church Mission is coming right up. This will be a great achievement and I want to thank everyone for participating in this important work. Go us!

And then what?

Creating a Mission is like getting a new tool for a home project. First, you spend time evaluating the options and deciding which tool you need. That’s the Mission Renewal process.

Then you have to learn how to use your new tool and apply it to your project. That’s where our congregation will be after we vote it in.

So what does that look like?

This spring, we’ll gather as a congregation to discern how to apply the Mission to the work of our church. This is like the training phase and means doing two things:

  1. Make sure we all understand the Mission we just voted on.
  2. Apply the Mission to our church’s activities and plans.

Our Mission is a tool we’ll use to help our church define itself. Like all tools, its usefulness will depend on how much effort we put into understanding and using it. Staying true to our Mission will require ongoing work.

The December vote is a big deal. It’ll be an exciting opportunity to celebrate an important achievement. And then we’ll move on to the next steps where we collectively learn how to use our new tool.

So watch for information about how YOU can get involved in the next phase. Watch for your opportunity to work with the rest of the congregation to begin using our new Mission.