From the President, October 2016

From the President, October 2016

So what’s going on with that Developmental Ministry thing?

At our August and September meetings, the Board of Trustees and Rev. Rebecca reviewed the Developmental Ministry goals for Peoples Church. These are the goals our whole congregation will be working to achieve with Rev. Rebecca’s support and guidance.

At the meetings, shared ideas about what it would mean in a concrete sense to achieve these goals. For example, what would it look like for Peoples Church to create governance structures and practices that make the best use of church resources? What would it mean to develop and maintain rich and vigorous processes for attracting and integrating members?

These are only two of the goals included in our Developmental Ministry program application. As we move forward with this ministry, we will be exploring and experimenting with different strategies for all five goals in order to create a stronger community. But in order for this initiative to succeed, everyone in the congregation must know what’s going on and how to get involved.

So mark your calendars for the Developmental Ministry startup event on Friday, November 18. This will be an important opportunity for the entire congregation to begin talking about Developmental Ministry, and an opportunity to ask questions about what this all means for Peoples.

The work of bringing our community closer together can only succeed if we all make an effort to participate.

Robyn M-K