Settled Minister Search


Peoples Faith Formation is excited to have a new settled minister!

Iowa plays a big role as the first to vote in presidential primaries. We are the launchpad for candidates wanting to be their party’s nominee for president.  

Many in our church community are active in both local and state politics working to promote and live out the UU principles. Iowa was the 3rd US state to legalize gay marriage. 

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Biking, swimming, and camping “Oh my!”. Not many places can you live and have close proximity to so many forms of outdoor recreation.  Iowans have invested in access to enjoying and embracing nature. Commune with the trees as you walk a wooded trail at one of our many State Parks or hop on a bike and cruise the rolling hills of Iowa with the 8,000 people on Ragbrai tour. 

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This “Little Free Library” curator was inspired to build a library based on a call to social action exhibit at the African American Museum of Iowa.  She focused on collecting books that are a window into others’ lives that are not the dominant culture of our greater community- white, middle class, straight, cis gendered, Christian, and able bodied. 

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Iowa’s Industrial agriculture farming is not unusual but we are also a great place for urban farming. Spring, Summer and Fall you can grow and harvest (or visit our many farmers markets) from gardens and orchards.

Peoples church has an African community garden where neighbors come together to grow fruits and vegetables from seeds not usually found in US gardens.

Taste the difference of a farm fresh egg by having your own little flock of backyard chickens. Or stop by and visit church friends at Winding Pathways and ask to harvest a few/or many of their peaches.

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Our Search Team

Laura McGraw, Steve Hershner, Robyn Miessler-Kubanek, Kathleen Mavity and Susan Petersmith (from left to right)


Robyn Miessler-Kubanek: I have been a member since 2007 and participated in many teams from worship to finance to serving on the board. I decided to step back into leadership after a pandemic hiatus because times of organizational transition require a great deal of support to navigate smoothly. I want to be a part of finding a great fit for our church’s next ministerial partner. When I’m not hanging out with Peoples people, I play games, work on my garden, knit, and entertain my husband with my antics (he says I’m never boring.)


Steve Hershner: My involvement with Peoples Church goes back 50+ years and I am committed to and believe whole-heartedly in the mission and work of this church and Unitarian Universalism more broadly. After retiring in 2020 from the City of Cedar Rapids Utilities Department, I have been riding my bike and working on several non-profit activities. Retirement has also allowed me to step back into leadership at Peoples to help advance the progress we have made during our Developmental Ministry.


Laura McGraw: Hello fellow congregants! I’ve been a member of Peoples Church for 25 years. My husband, Gary, grew up in Peoples and suggested we attend when we moved here from Los Angeles. As a person who never belonged to any religious institution, I was truly surprised by the immediate connection I felt. When our daughters were young, I chaired the Religious Education Committee, and more recently I have become involved with the Social Justice Council and the 8th Principle Task Force. I can’t think of a more important task than choosing a new leader to guide us through the next phase of our growth and am excited to be serving the congregation in this capacity for the next year.

Kathleen Mavity: I joined Peoples Church in January 2013, as soon as I relocated from the Twin Cities to be nearer to my two big sisters. Over the last 8+ years, I have: • Served on the Board of Trustees as both member and president, my term as president being primarily focused on the sexy work of policies and bylaws. • Acted as a Worship Associate dedicated to the premise that screw-ups are just a way of demonstrating authenticity. • Sung and directed the choir back in the good ol’ days of inperson worship. • Painted, scrubbed, stripped wallpaper, and generally futzed with housekeeping as needed. My current goal is to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Susan Petersmith: Hi Friends! I and 7-year-old Ila have been part of the Cedar Rapids community the last 8 years. I joined Peoples Church after I was diagnosed with leukemia because it became very important to me to teach my child how to find and build community with like-minded individuals. The 7 Principles (hopefully soon to be 8) align with my own values, which I want to impart to my child and build into our daily life. I have worked as an abortion and reproductive justice advocate, a humane educator, a phlebotomist, a doula, a graphic designer and most recently as a licensed massage therapist. I love live music, small town festivals, cat and dogs, and traveling the country with my little girl.