Stewardship Drive Update, June 2018

Stewardship Drive Update, June 2018

July 1 will mark the beginning of our stewardship drive for 2019 entitled “Embrace the Mission”. This will be our shared opportunity to do exactly as the title says by sharing in the financial support of the recently adopted Peoples Church mission statement.

Our shared goal this year is to raise $160,000 in pledges, which represents a 7% or $10,400 increase from our 2018 pledges. The good news here is twofold. First, when successful, we will completely eliminate the use of Unrestricted Fund dollars for our general operating budget, preserving them for future needs. Second, we have demonstrated that we can do this! If you look at the past two years we have increased our pledging on average at a rate of $10,600/year.

As in the past two years there will be a “No Hassle” portion of the campaign (Jul 1 – Aug 15) where you can quickly and easily complete the entire pledging process via US mail, email, or at a staffed pledge table on Sundays. This will be followed by a “conventional” pledge campaign (Aug 15 – Sept 30) where you will be contacted, if you have not yet pledged or responded.

Unlike the past two years we are not asking that every individual increase their pledges by a specific percentage or dollar amount. Rather, we would ask that you thoughtfully consider the overall 7% increase goal for the congregation, what this continued success would mean to Peoples Church, and what Peoples Church means to you or your family.

In addition, this year there is an exciting pledge matching program. If you were a member and did not pledge to Peoples Church for 2018 for any reason, and you now pledge for 2019, your pledge will be matched up to $50/pledge unit. The time to step forward and show your support for Peoples Church is coming soon. Won’t you please join us in taking this important financial step to “Embrace the Mission?”