Update from the President

Update from the President

We find ourselves at a historic crossroads due to COVID-19. Schools, restaurants and churches will be closed for an extended period of time. But the big picture is we are all trying to stay healthy and not spread a very dangerous virus to those who may not be able to resist the full consequences. Plus we want to not overwhelm our healthcare services.

You all are in my thoughts, from Reverend Rebecca’s daughter to our AARP members. I hope this pandemic runs its course and we all live to tell about it.

Church services are to be online for two or more weeks. Right now it seems that our state and Federal leaders are being overly cautious. But if I were in their shoes I would be following CDC measures because that makes good sense.

I hope you can use this time to catch up on reading, binge watch some series on TV, or call and e-mail family and friends. I may be a bit stir crazy, but my heart goes out to those whose jobs will be financially impacted. This will be a time of great stress on our humanity. Ask for help if you need it. Go for walks but avoid crowds. There will be a time when we can hug again. And that time will be all the more dear knowing this crisis affected us all. The store shelves will get replenished, and panic will fade as we see the end in sight.

I wish you peace, good luck and a sense of purpose throughout this storm. Our chalice will be ready to be lit again with renewed meaning.

Love, Mike Meshak
PCUU Board President