Wise Words, April 2019

Wise Words, April 2019

Richard Gilbert writes:

In the midst of the whirling day,
In the hectic rush to be doing,
In the frantic pace of life,

Pause here for a moment.
Catch your breath;
Relax your body;

Loosen your grip on life.
Consider that our lives are always unfinished business;
Imagine that the picture of our being is never complete;
Allow your life to be a work in progress.

Do not hurry to mold the masterpiece;
Do not rush to finish the picture;
Do not be impatient to complete the drawing.
From beckoning birth to dawning death we are in process,
And always there is more to be done.

Do not let the incompleteness weigh on your spirit;
Do not despair that imperfection marks your every day;
Do not fear that we are still in the making.

Let us instead be grateful that the world is still to be created;
Let us give thanks that we can be more than we are;
Let us celebrate the power of the incomplete;
For life is always unfinished business.

Indeed for each of us life is unfinished business. We have opportunities to grow and change. To seek and learn. Faith Formation this year has been doing just that.

We have discussed the Principles, the history of Peoples, the structure and outreach of Peoples, and a host of other subjects this year. The children have been engaged in class and in worship. They have participated in worship both in the pews and from the stage and podium. They have been seeking ways to be more involved.

For them life is most definitely unfinished business! For them Peoples is a place for them to learn and grow. They, like all of us, still have lots of living to do! I am thrilled with the acceptance of children in worship both as worshipers as well as leaders.

We hear so often about children being the church or the leaders of tomorrow. I would encourage us to ask: how can the children help mold the masterpiece of today?

And THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Trivia Night! It was a great success! Peoples people as well as many friends participated. There were many laughs, a few bewildered looks, and many good moments of fun and enjoyment! $470 was raised! THANK YOU!!