Wise Words, December 2019

Wise Words, December 2019

When our children were younger, we dragged them out in the cold, sometimes snowy, weather to cut down our Christmas trees! We would go to a local tree farm and traipse though the fields in search of the perfect trees. Of course, once we got the trees back home, we realized they were not perfect! Whether it was too tall and touched the ceiling or too big around and took up most of the walking space in the room we figured out a way to make the trees work for us.

Our kids sometimes (ok most of the time) complained about the cold and wet conditions. They complained about the walking. They were to say at least not happy at times. Today they look back fondly on those times. They, mostly, remember with fondness those cold days searching through the fields for that perfect tree!

Memories from our younger years often bring smiles to our faces! For some those memories are not as positive. Rather than bringing smiles they bring tears to our eyes. All of these memories are the things that make us who we are today.

I think it is important for each of us to try and help makes those memories that bring smiles. There are folks who are hurting. There are people who are in need. What can you do to help bring a smile to the face of someone today?

What is something that you can do now to impact the lives of the children in Faith Formation here at Peoples? Faith Formation is not just the responsibility of the teachers, Director of Faith Formation, Pastor, and parents. It is the responsibility of the entire congregation!

  • Do you have an ability to teach? Perhaps not on a weekly basis but maybe you have a talent or skill that could be taught to the young people in the church!
  • Do you do crafts/woodworking? Perhaps there is a craft project that could tie into one of the weekly lessons that you could help with!
  • Do you enjoy reading or telling a story to groups? We would love to have a time between class and worship where stories are read to the kids.

Can you help?

Special Event: Faith Formation is taking a field trip to the National Mississippi River Museum on January 4th. Everyone in the church is invited. Email David at dre@peoplesuu.org or talk to him. Reservations are due by December 19th. We will have a discounted group admission We will meet at the museum in Dubuque at 9:45am.

Also, no Faith Formation on December 22 and 29. Classes resume on January 5th.