Wise Words, February 2020

Wise Words, February 2020

The calendar turns to February and my mind often turns to baseball. College baseball and softball start very soon! Spring training for the major league teams is just days away. It is both a time of familiarity and a time of newness.

The uniforms and some of the faces are familiar and bring comfort or excitement. New players or coaches bring the sense of something new and of great possibilities for the future.

Spring truly is a time of new beginnings! As a Faith Formation program we are seeing new beginnings as well as spring comes our way!! We have started sharing family field trips! In January we went to the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque, in March The Putnam Museum in Davenport is the destination and we conclude the year at Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines in May! These trips give families an opportunity to do something together but to also join other families of the church and share the fun! This allows the families to get to know each other better and have shared experiences among the children.

Our summer program this year will follow the same theme and be held on Saturdays in July. The program will consist of family field trips to local venues. It is important to have shared experiences it is also to know the community where you worship, live, and play!

I would invite any members of the congregation to join us at these events! The information will be posted in advance and we would love to have other families join the Faith Formation families in exploring our state and neighborhood!!

Come explore and share in the fun while learning a bit more about how we interact with the Principles!

In faith,