Wise Words, June 2018

Wise Words, June 2018

“I hate change!”
“Change is hard!”
“Change stinks!”
“We have always done it this way!!”

Those are all comments that are often heard when the possibility of change is afoot. Change can be difficult. The reality of our world is that change is constantly around us. When I preached last month, I talked about the streets downtown and how they have changed. It can be frustrating to remember which ones are two-way and which ones are still one-way. It is even more difficult when it changes from one way to two way and back to one way in a space of a few blocks! The city did not make the change to frustrate and annoy. They did it to meet the evolving needs of a modern citizenry.

The same is true for a church. The life and times of congregations must evolve in order to meet the needs of the individuals and families who seek their comfort, solace, growth and spiritual feeding. The way we have always done things may not be the best way in our modern times. In years past, churches were the center place of community and socialization for many. The church was always busy with people and events that were totally filled with people. Times are different now. Churches struggle to meet the needs of people! The message has not and cannot change. The method of delivery must change to keep the church vibrant for generations to come

As you may have heard in worship, some changes are coming to Religious Education here at Peoples! We are going to try some new things, perhaps some old things that went by the wayside, some cutting edge ideas, and some of the same things we are doing now. A task force has been working hard the last few months discussing Religious Education. They have developed some super ideas to better serve the children of the church and possibly draw more children to the church. They have also looked at and talked about ideas to help energize and bring in adults as well. I have had a great time working with them and I appreciate their hard work.

As time goes by, you will see several ideas from the task force come into play here at the church. One that I am really excited about is Whole Week Faith Formation. This program is not just for families with children. It is a program that can be embraced and used by virtually everyone in the congregation! It takes our faith from just being a Sunday event and makes it a part of our everyday lives.

Change is difficult! In many cases, it is necessary. This is one of those times. We truly want the children and adults of the congregation to claim and live the Unitarian Universalist faith. We also want new people to come and engage that faith with us. We want to share what we have and believe with others who are seeking and looking for answers and support. Will you help us change so we can be stronger and grow?