Wise Words, May 2018

Wise Words, May 2018

These past couple of weeks have been tough! My mother in law has been in ICU and hospice. She died Wednesday morning at age 87. She was surrounded by her four children at the Oldorf Hospice House in Hiawatha.

Throughout her life and into her late 70’s she would keep the most perfect yard! It was a double sized lot and she mowed it with a walk behind mower. It had all sorts of flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables. She always strived for perfection with every plant in the yard! As she progressed in years she was unable to take the same kind of care with the yard. And it troubled and disappointed her.

Life is that way at times. We deal with troubles and disappointments whether we want to or not. Many times we must just keep on going and do the best that we can with the circumstances that we face.

In Religious Education and the church it is the same. We face disappointments and trials. The world does not stop for us but continues on its way. This past year in RE we have had some trials and disappointments but we have persevered. We continue to have vibrant classes, great teachers and engaged students.

As the RE year comes to a close I am grateful for the dedication of the folks who give their time and energy to make the RE program at Peoples successful! I encourage each of you to thank them when you see them and to especially show your gratitude to them on RE Appreciation Sunday on May 20.

The seeds that they are planting now will be the beautiful flowers that emerge later from the ground! Thanks to those who nurture those seeds today!

David Wise,
Acting Director of Religious Education