Wise Words, May 2019

Wise Words, May 2019

Have you ever been curious about something? Perhaps what was going to happen next on a television show? Maybe where your next adventure was going to take you? Perhaps you were curious what college was going to be like? Perhaps you wondered what you might learn when your parents dragged you to church as a child? Perhaps you wondered what you might learn when you drug your parents to church?

We all have curiosities about people and situations in our lives. We do not know all the answers, and even with the internet and what it is becoming, we still don’t have answers to everything! The children of Peoples are curious as well! They are curious about the songs we sing, the readings we hear, the prayers that are lifted up, and the sermons that are preached. The kids in Faith Formation love to ask questions and get their curiosity fix!

It is hard to imagine that we are approaching the end of the Faith Formation year! The children have learned about the Principles, the history of Peoples, how the board operates, why music is important, and what the pastor does. They are always asking questions and seeking answers! Just like we want them to be doing!!

The first year of the new format for Faith Formation and Worship has gone extremely well! There have been a few hiccups. That is normal. Anytime we have radical change there are going to a few bumps! But they have been minimal. The kids have really benefited from, and enjoyed, being in worship. They have enjoyed helping in worship as well. As we continue this journey I hope to see more children in class and more children helping in the leading of worship!

I know there are adults who are curious as well and I know there are adults who are looking for ways to help at Peoples. Have you considered teaching a class? Talk to me and we can chat about what teaching entails and how you can help your own curiosity as well as the curiosity of the children of Peoples!

Special Note: Adult Faith Formation is coming! Rebecca and David have been talking and plotting! Stay tuned brave hearts for an oasis that provides a catalyst and an opportunity to kindle personal growth! It will have an impact and provide a lifeline to this venture we call life!