Wise Words, November 2018

Wise Words, November 2018

This Saturday a Labyrinth will be installed on the floor of the Ely Room. This is part of a Faith Formation exercise that is going to be shared by the congregation and the public. The Faith Formation program will use the Labyrinth for a teaching moment on Sunday. Following worship attendees will be invited to take a meditative walk along the path. Coffee hour is downstairs this week so those walking the path can have solitude.

Labyrinths are an ancient model dating back over 4,000 years. They are used symbolically as a walking meditation, choreographed dance, or can be a site of rituals and ceremony. The Labyrinth Society describes a Labyrinth as a single path that winds back and forth around a center and leads to the center. The same path takes a walker out. They are tools for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation, also thought to enhance right-brain activity. Labyrinths evoke metaphor, sacred geometry, spiritual pilgrimage, religious practice, mindfulness, environmental art, and community building.

People walk the Labyrinth for many reasons. Some use as a spiritual practice, some to relax, some as a walking meditation, some for fun and to celebrate rites of passage. The Labyrinth will also be open to the congregation and the public Tuesday Nov 6 from noon to 8pm and Thursday Nov 8 noon to 8pm. The Labyrinth can also be used at other times by appt or if access to the building is available.

We are also continuing our food drive at Peoples for the month of November. After several discussions related to issues facing members of the congregation and the community we decided to place a cabinet in the church and fill it with food that would be available to anyone in the congregation who has needs! The cabinet has been delivered and placed in the entry way from the street. Our goal is to get it filled. This allows us to educate the kids about caring for and helping others. Items can be brought anytime! Everyone in the congregation is invited to participate. We will have a collection point in a hallway outside of the sanctuary. Items mentioned by those who are dealing with food insecurity issues were items such as:

  • Granola bars
  • Peanut butter
  • Snacks * Canned fruit
  • Nuts
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Your favorite snack (it might be common place to you but a rare treat for someone facing food insecurity!)

We can’t have perishable items in the pantry. So please make sure any items brought have longer shelf lives. The collection of items will culminate in a labyrinth the first week of November where we will line the path with the collected foods.

You are invited to bring food to place along the path as you walk. (There will also be some food items that have already been brought that can be used during your walk.  The food will be divided between the church’s pantry and the Linn County Food Bank after the Labyrinth closes.) Meditate and contemplate what you can do to help the hunger issue. It is very real and it is not something in a far away place—there is significant hunger in Linn County! What can you do?

Can you help us with helping those in need?