Wise Words November 2020

Wise Words November 2020

Thanksgiving has always been about large family gatherings. When I was young, we had close friends who were like family and my mom and I would join them for part of the day and then go to my cousins later in the day, or vice versa!

It was a day that had food, football, games, and conversation! Over the years Karen and I have gathered with her family or our kids and grandkids and fun has always been part of the celebration. I would speculate for many of you the tradition has been the same.

I am worried that this year that tradition is going to end for so many of us. COVID has caused so many issues for us this year and Thanksgiving traditions are likely to be one more. What are ways that we can get through the holiday season?

There are all sorts of video chat programs. We use Zoom extensively here at the church. There is also FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and others. Find a way to connect with your family via video.

It used to be families who were separated by long distances would talk to each other on the phone! That seems to be a lost communication method these days! We email, text, KIK, Snapchat, or use some other app on our phone. Why not use it for the old-fashioned reason it was created? Call someone and talk to them!

Write a note to someone you care about. I don’t write notes, but I remember getting them and the good feeling they cause! Take a moment and write a note to that person that might be able to use a lift!

As the healing starts from a tough year of health, economy and politics think about those friends that could use a little bit more in these difficult times! How can you lift them up? Bring a smile to someone else’s face and it will bring one to you as well!