Wise Words, October 2019

Wise Words, October 2019

What an exciting month in September. It is rare that we get to celebrate milestone anniversaries! It is even more rare when multiple celebrations go off with out problems!! What a great time!

It was also exciting as we begin a new year of FAITH FORMATION!! I am excited about what this year can bring for Peoples in continuing to develop who we are as individuals and as a congregation.

The formation of our faith does not magically end when we turn 18 or graduate from high school. For many that is where we start taking what we learned as children and deepening our belief system. I believe that even those of us in middle age and beyond can still learn and develop our faith even more than it is already!

I am thrilled that we are beginning a formal program of ADULT FAITH FORMATION! Whether it is a class or an affinity group this is an opportunity to go deeper, stretch ourselves, and learn things that might be new to us! I urge you to take advantage of the classes and groups that are be offered now and in the coming months!

October 27 is the annual costume contest. This year we are going to let the adults in on the fun as well with an adult category! Get your best costume on and come join the fun! Details are in the Voice newsletter.

As we enter the fall and think of large family celebrations there are those friends of ours who need a hand from time to time. We have a great food pantry here at Peoples to help those who are food insecure. As we begin this time of bounty for many let’s not forget those who might need some help! The food pantry is located near the Gordon Avenue entrance. Please make sure the things you bring to share are still in date and able to be safely eaten.

Parenting group will begin on October 13th in the Andre Room. All who are actively parenting (grandchildren) children under 18 are welcome to join the discussion group! It will typically meet at 9:45am the 2nd and 4th Sundays.