Wise Words, September 2018

Wise Words, September 2018

A new year of Faith Formation is upon us! I wanted to use the space this month to share a bit more detail about the new year!
Orientation will be September 9 at 9:45 am. Parents and children (ages 4 through 12th grade) will meet together in the large classroom in the back of the Faith Formation area. The room is mostly referred to as the green room. Room names are coming!!

During orientation, we will simulate what is going to happen for the students on Sunday mornings. We will have a time of gathering that includes singing, a bit of Unitarian Universalist history, and a bit of teaching about a religion of the world. It is important that the children in Faith Formation learn about the significance of UU’ism as well as the various faiths that make Unitarian Universalism unique and special.

After the time of gathering and orientation, the students will go with Rev. Rebecca and talk about worship. Worship is going to be different this year! We are looking forward to everyone worshipping together every week! Rev. Rebecca is going to ask the students what they like in worship and what they would like to see happen in worship in the future.

While the students are with Rev. Rebecca, the parents will stay together and hear more about the classes and some of the subjects and activities that are to come in the next few months. Some really fun events are in the works as well as some that are very serious and very important for the development of each student’s faith! There will be times this year when the children will be able to choose between two subjects. Other times, all the students through 6th grade will be together. Parents will get a sneak peek!

There will be some snacks after these sessions.

We will conclude at 10:45 to give everyone about 15 minutes to get ready for worship.

This year 7-12 graders will meet as one group for a curriculum on other faiths. Youth will not only learn about other faith traditions, but also experience how those faith traditions engage the questions that their home church is wrestling with. This is a great chance for our older classes to bond and learn! These students will not join in the opening time, but rather go straight to their class where their teaching team will work with them.

This year is going to be radically different than last year. I have had the chance to talk with many of us who are excited about the new look of the rooms and the new format! Let’s all work together to make this a fantastic year in Faith Formation at Peoples!