Wise Words, September 2020

Wise Words, September 2020

Natalie Sleeth was an American composer who died in 1991. In 1985 she composed what I think is an incredibly beautiful hymn. It debuted just before the death of her husband and has become a very popular song in the more liberal Christian churches. It is frequently used at Celebrations of Life services. The words are very simple but are filled with great hope for the future.

In all that we have faced these last few months we must look to the future and what is to come our way. We need to hope that better times are ahead. We need to believe renewal is just around the corner. Here are those words:

In the bulb, there is a flower
In the seed, an apple tree
In cocoons, a hidden promise
Butterflies will soon be free

In the cold and snow of winter
There’s a spring that waits to be
Unrevealed until its season
Something God alone can see

There’s a song in every silence
Seeking word and melody
There’s a dawn in every darkness
Bringing hope to you and me

From the past will come the future
What it holds, a mystery
Unrevealed until its season
Something God alone can see

In our end is our beginning
In our time, infinity
In our doubt, there is believing
In our life, eternity
In our death, a resurrection
At the last, a victory

Unrevealed until its season
Something God alone can see

(Words covered under Peoples Church CCS license.)

Hope for the future is what will get us through these difficult days!

Faith Formation will begin October 4th!

  • Gathering time for children through 5th grade will begin at 10am with classes complete at 10:30.
  • Other class times will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • We will be sponsoring a support group for home-schooling/virtual school parents in conjunction with Coralville and the Quad Cities. More info will be available soon.

In faith,