Religious Education Recap, June 2017

Religious Education Recap, June 2017

Howdy Peoples Church members and our friends.

Religious Education Department is excited about how much fun we had during the 2016-17 year! First and foremost we all want to thank all of you wonderful members and friends who donated their time, money and good wishes toward our Coming of Age kids. Without you we would not have made it to Boston on our pilgrimage.

Moving forward, are looking at hiring a few new workers for the child care team. We currently have been hurting in our nursery to find new employees. We have three wonderful workers in our nursery Rachel, Tristan and Deneka, but we need your help. Spread the word that we are currently looking for new nursery workers from the age of 14 on up.

Yes, we will look at hiring your teenagers even if you are a member. If they want about a $100 a month to get those shoes or outfit or just plain spending cash send them our way! Applications are available just see me, or stop in during the week and see Cathy in her office.

On June 4th we are helping support our youth with their Coming of Age youth lead service. They will share some music, their thoughts, and future quests as a UU. To celebrate our awesome year in the Religious Education department, we will also be going to Cherry Hill pool at 3pm on Sunday the 4th. Please come and get your swim on!

Summer SUUper hero camp will be going on this July. $25 per family, includes supplies, cape, and t-shirts. Be ready to sign up in June.

More info will come soon, so anymore questions or to sign up, just see me in my office, or contact me online.